With LAPFCU Personal Loans and Lines of Credit, you have several borrowing options to pay for larger expenses – whether they’re planned or unexpected.

Freedom All Purpose Loan

Get up to $25,000 at a fixed rate with the Freedom All Purpose Loan: The shorter the term, the lower rate; the longer the term, the higher rate.

Personal Line of Credit

Enjoy a low fixed or variable1 rate and affordable monthly payments. There are no annual fees or loan processing fees, and you can designate your line of credit as overdraft protection for your other LAPFCU accounts.

Share Secured Loan

You can borrow against the funds in your share savings account, up to 100% of your pledged Share Account balance, in loan amounts from $200 up to $1,500,000. Your funds remain frozen as security on your loan and are released as payments are made, but they continue to earn dividends throughout. There are no loan fees, and you can save an additional 0.25% by scheduling automatic transfers from your checking or savings account or opening a direct deposit account to transfer payments.

Share Certificate Secured Loan

Just like the share secured loan, you can borrow funds against your share certificate for up to 100% of your certificate’s face value.2 For your convenience, an interest-only payment option is available.


Make payments through automatic transfer, in person at a branch, online via PATROL, by phone 877-MY-LAPFCU (877-695-2732) during business hours and at certain ATMs.

Hint: Sign up for direct deposit to assist you in transferring funds to and from accounts!

1Variable rate subject to increase/decrease after funding.2Your funds remain frozen as security on your loan and are released incrementally as payments are made. Loan amounts not to exceed the balance in your pledged Share Account or Share Certificate. Loan term cannot exceed share certificate maturity date. 0713-41E