LAPFCU is Keeping Your Information Safe

LAPFCU takes security threats and the security of your account information and credentials very seriously. You may have heard of news reports of businesses such as Home Depot and Albertsons having credit card security breaches for purchases made at their stores. We are in constant communication with our card partners and we will immediately notify you if your LAPFCU credit card is compromised.

What can you do?

  • Log on to PATROL Online Banking frequently to view your card activity and check your statements monthly
  • Download the mobile app so you can check your accounts 24/7 (Standard text message and data usage charges may apply. Check with your mobile service carrier for details.)
  • Sign up for notifications and receive alerts for your account activity, including large withdrawals and low balances
  • Sign up for e-Statements so you can have a digital copy of your statements
  • Look for suspicious or unusual purchases
  • Be cautious of phone or e-mail scams from someone pretending to be from one of the stores verifying your purchases. Never provide a pin number or other personal account information if you suspect the call or e-mail to be fraudulent. You can always call the 800 number directly to verify if the request is legitimate.

LAPFCU is monitoring not only the most recent data breaches, but all activity to ensure our data remains safe and secure. If you would like to learn more about protecting your identity, LAPFCU offers I.D. Enforcer, a Fraud and Credit Monitoring service powered by Identity Theft 911 which offers unique features tailored toward those in law enforcement families.