e-Statements and e-Disclosure Notifications

e-Statements are an electronic version of the monthly paper statements that contain your account balance and transaction information; they look just like paper statements, but can be viewed and downloaded through PATROL Online Banking. Once you sign up to receive e-Statements, you’ll receive an e-mail each month notifying you when your e-Statement is available.

e-Disclosure Notifications are electronic versions of your disclosures; they are available in PATROL.

Simply log into your PATROL account, and click on the “statements” button to view your current statement. You can quickly and easily view and print your current statement, as well as any statement from the past 18 months. e-Statements and e-Disclosures are:

  • Quick: In most cases, you will be notified that your e-Statement is available days before your paper statement would arrive in the mail.
  • Safe: Your e-Statements are protected on a secure server, utilizing the best encryption available, which is much safer than statements going through the mail.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Save the environment, and help your Credit Union reduce expenses related to paper, printing, and postage.
  • Free: There is no charge to take advantage of one of our most convenient services.

Sign up for e-Statements and e-Disclosures today!

Log in to your PATROL account and select “e-Disclosure Notifications.” Sign up by entering your correct e-mail address, so we can notify you when your e-Statement is available. If you’re not a PATROL user yet, please contact a Member Services Representative at (877) 695-2732.