CODE 3 Phone Banking Re-Enrollment Instructions

All CODE 3 Phone Banking Users Must Follow These Re-Enrollment Steps After July 21, 2015

1. Call 877-695-2732 number and press 2 for CODE 3 Phone Banking.

  • When you hear the welcome message, press the star key (*).
  • Key in your member number (user id).
  • When it asks for your pin, enter your current personal identification number (PIN).

2. You will now need to register the phone.

  • If you are calling from the phone number that you will typically use, press 1. If not, press 2.
  • Follow prompts to choose phone type (i.e., mobile, home, work). If you want to register another phone number press 1, enter in the additional number area code first, and then choose the type of phone. Once you are done registering phone numbers, press 2.

3. You will now be asked to set up 3 identity verification challenge questions.

  • Follow the prompts to choose each question and answer it. Please make sure you are choosing questions and answers that you will remember, since they cannot be changed later.
    ° If you call in from a phone number other than one that you have registered, you will be asked to answer one of these challenge questions.

4. As an additional security measure, you will also need to choose a security phrase.

  • You will have an option to choose from one of three pre-recorded phrases, or to record your own.
    ° Whenever you log in to your phone banking, this message will play and you will be asked to confirm that it is the one you chose.

5. The last step in enrollment is to set up your new pin number.

  • It must be 8-10 digits, with no more than 3 digits repeating in a row or ascending/descending (for instance, you cannot use 1234 or 1111).
  • Your new PIN cannot be your SSN, your phone number, or your date of birth. Please do not use part of your member number as your PIN.

Now that you have successfully enrolled in CODE 3, you will be automatically transferred to the main CODE 3 menu.