CODE 3 Phone Banking Menu

CODE 3 Menu Chart

Quick Tips:

  • At any time, you can press * to go to the previous menu.
  • If you want to skip ahead after a prompt, press #.

From this point forward, when you call from a registered phone – you will choose the menu option you are interested in (check balances, transfer funds etc.), the system will then prompt you to put in your member number, verify your personalized message, and enter your pin.

  1. For balances or transaction history, choose the first option.

Choose what type of account you want to hear about (savings, checking, loan, credit card)

If you have more than one account within an account type (for example, an S1, an S2, and an S50) you will be asked to choose which one you want to hear about. You will then be given the available balance and will have the option to listen to the last 5 transactions. If you are searching for a specific transaction, press # . This will allow you to get history for credits, debits, checks or to search specific amounts. At the end of the 5 transactions, you will be given an option to hear the next 5.

  1. For transfers or loan payments choose the second option. It will then ask you which account you want to transfer from.
    • To Transfer from a savings account, choose option 1
    • To Transfer from checking account, choose option 2
    • To Transfer from one of your loans, choose option 3
    • To Transfer from your visa credit card, choose option 4

Once you have picked the account you want to transfer from, follow the prompts to choose the account you want the funds transferred to. You will now be asked to enter the amount you want to transfer. The amount should not have any decimals, but should have the ‘cents’ (for example, to transfer $125, you would enter 12500). It will than ask you if you want the transfer to be immediate, or if you want to set a date (schedule it).

For an immediate transfer press 1.

For a scheduled transfer, press 2.

If you choose a scheduled transfer, you’ll be asked to enter the date (mmddyyyy)

Once you have entered the transfer information, the system will verify that this is what you want. If it is, press 1. If not, press 2 and you will be prompted to start the transfer process over again.

You can also set up a recurring transfer. To do this, choose the option to set a date, enter the desired date, and follow the prompts to choose how frequently you want the transfer to occur.

  1. “Other Options” – Change your pin, register a new phone number or get tax info

From here you will be given two choices:

  • For tax information, choose option 5
  • For more options, choose option 6
    • To change your pin or to change the phone you are using, choose option 1
      • To change your pin number, choose 2
      • To change your phone number, choose 3
      • To go back to the main menu, choose 7